Nominee for President


                                          “Lead to serve and not to rule.”

                                      -I.A.T.S.E. President Matthew D. Loeb


Since being elected Business Agent in 2008 and President in 2014, I have worked diligently to serve every worker who is represented by Local 751.


In the past six years, when renegotiating our Union’s 27 collective bargaining agreements, I have endeavored to secure and maintain livable wages, job protections, health coverage and retirement benefits.  I am particularly proud of the fact that at our monthly meeting this past September, eight contracts were ratified in one night.


The new deals for all 27 contracts could not have been achieved without the bargaining committee members advising and assisting the officers in negotiations, or without the rest of the membership showing its support by voting in favor of ratification.  Our Union works best when we work together.


I want to continue to serve Local 751 by working with my fellow officers, the Executive Council and our involved and engaged membership.  I now ask for your vote, your support and your participation so that I may continue to do so.

Lawrence Paone

 Nominee for Vice President



Fellow Brothers and Sisters,

I am again proud to be running for the office of Vice President of our Local. I have been honored these last 3 years giving back to the union I love. Helping the officers and being there for the members has been truly fulfilling.

Always know you can reach out to me with any concerns. I want the best for our members and will do whatever I can to see the future of 751 flourish.

We are all equal Union members,
In Solidarity!


Thank you,
Fred Santore


Fred Santore

Stan Shaffer

 Nominees for Secretary Treasurer/Business Agent


Dear Local 751 Sisters and Brothers,


My name is Nancy Palmadessa, and I am seeking your vote for Secretary-Treasurer/Business Agent of Local 751. I have served our union in multiple capacities over the years, and it has been a labor of love. I am in my second term on the Executive Council. As a union side Trustee for the Benefit Funds, along with my fellow Trustees, I helped increase the pension rate to $120 per credit. I also served on the Broadway League Negotiating Committee. 


I am currently the First Assistant at the August Wilson Theatre and have worked at eight different box offices. Previously, I worked as a grant writer and developed highly transferable skills for dealing with contracts. I have a BA in Psychology and a Master of Public Administration. 


As a third generation Local 751 member, I encourage us to understand our history and continue to invest in our growth so that we can move forward strategically into this next phase of our evolution. We are so fortunate to be a part of something bigger, the I.A.T.S.E., the ultimate source of our power that will continue to make us a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. 


I believe in us and support our current administration. With this leadership team, our future is bright, so let's join together, emboldened by an appreciation of our worth and inspired by our many victories, and move forward with a sense of purpose and determination. With this approach, we're unstoppable.



Nancy Palmadessa

Nancy Palmadessa

Dear Fellow Union Members-

My name is Spencer Taustine, and I am running for Secretary/Business Agent.

I have been working in Local 751 since the early 80’s. I have worked at PNC Arts Center, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, TKTS, the racetracks, and all across Broadway. I’ve seen a lot. I helped negotiate the contract at what is now the Lyric Theater. I have been a Treasurer, a 1st Assistant, a vacation person, and everything in between. I know what we go through every day, and I know that what we do can be difficult and challenging.

If I am elected, I promise to do everything in my power to help make Local 751 the best it can be. I am asking you to give me the chance.  I won’t make false promises. I will treat all members with the respect and honesty they deserve. If I am elected, I will work as hard as I can for all of our members. No favorites. No special treatment. Honesty and integrity is what you will get in exchange for your vote.

I will look to add new venues where possible. I will look at making the Availability List real-time accurate. I will try to be available to all of you as much as I possibly can.

Local 751 has allowed me to care for my family and make a good living these past 35 years.

It’s time to give something back.


Spencer Taustine

Spencer Taustine

 Nominees for Trustees

Bob Begin

A. Greer Bond

Paul Fitzpatrick


My name is Tevy Bradley and I have been a member of Local 751 for 11 years now and one thing has been abundantly clear: this business changes at a more rapid pace every year.  We face a challenge to stay relevant, but we also have an opportunity to shape some of those changes.  I am running for executive council because I want to help our union continue to evolve and grow with those changes.  We have a strong union made up of many different members that have proven themselves time and again and we should be proud. As a member of the council I will continue to ensure that we proactively anticipate what we can do to remain competitive assets both in the box office and at the negotiating table. 

Tevy Bradley

 Nominees for Executive Council

Vigi Cadunz


I became a member of our Union in 2003, starting my apprenticeship at TKTS. For 11 years I was at The Palace Theatre until its closing in 2018. Currently I'm at The Metropolitan Opera House where I've been employed for the past year.

In today’s political climate with anti-union rhetoric, I feel the need to be a member of the council because I love this union and career, and care deeply about the longevity of its existence. It is imperative we remain vigilant now to ensure a stronger union for all of our futures.

My tenacity, candor and impartiality is an asset to our brother/sisterhood and to the protection of its legacy. Please vote for me as a 751 Executive Council Member.




Liz Edell

Liz Edell


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

My name is Krystin MacRitchie and I am the treasurer at Studio 54 and a current member of the Executive Council. Three years ago, I was honored to have been elected to the council and I hope you will consider voting for me again.

During my time on the council I have served as the IATSE Political Action Committee Coordinator for Local 751 and as co-chair of the Labor Day Parade. As either a volunteer or participant, I have attended numerous Tri Tix and INTIX events as well as the IATSE GEB. One of the highlights of the past three years was observing and participating in the negotiations of our new contract with Roundabout Theatre Company. President Paone successfully negotiated a contract for us that both sides were happy with and I was able to see firsthand what strong union leadership can achieve.

 I think an important next step is organizing and hope to assist in securing collective bargaining agreements for new venues. We are a strong union but can be even stronger through growth. Most importantly, I hope to continue my work on the council as a voice for non profit theatres and smaller venues.  


Thank you for your consideration,

Krystin MacRitchie

Krystin MacRitchie


Dear Sisters & Brothers,

This election is a vote for our future, while in the Box Office and well after retirement. I am not a Head Treasurer, nor is it my goal to become one. I am a Ticket Seller who has worked my way up, on my own merits, who wants to solidify our future. Please consider me for Local 751 Executive Council.

My union career began at MSG in 2000. After working seasonally as an apprentice at Radio City Music Hall and TKTS I landed my first permanent spot at The Music Box Theater. Since then I have worked for every Jujamcyn Theater as well as many Nederlander and Shubert Houses.

Working for multiple employers has shown me just how important our union voices remain while working with management, keeping up with changing technology, staying relevant and remaining strong!

Each of us has a voice in securing our future. Please elect me to utilize that voice as a member of the Local 751 Executive Council to KEEP OUR UNION STRONG.


Forever in solidarity,

Vicki Radolinski 

Vicki Radolinski


I want to be a part of shaping this union for the years to come. I know that with my patience, dedication, and versatility that I will bring a dynamic and diverse perspective to this council. If elected I look forward to contributing my time and efforts into growing our union to be as strong as it possibly can be. 


-Derek Ranucci

Derek Ranucci


Dear brothers and sisters of local 751,


My name is Corinne Russ and I am running for executive council. I have been a proud union member for 15 years. My family has been in the business for generations, and I truly hope they will be for generations to come.


As this is my third time running, I’m hoping that my name is ringing a bell and I am being considered as someone who is serious about filling a spot in this position. I will not give up, as I am a true believer in this union and want to represent it to the best of my ability. I will continue to do so whether elected to this position or not. However, I know that with great power comes great responsibility, and I am entirely up for the task. I believe I can fairly represent both old and new union ideas. 


When we vote for council members, we should vote for those we think are most qualified for the position to represent our voice. Please allow me to represent your voice. Thank you.

Corinne Russ


Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 751:

Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you on the Executive Council for the past year.  I have learned from my fellow council members, and from our leadership, but most importantly – from you.

You are the most important component of Local 751.  You are the eyes and ears of your theaters, your companies, your management.  You deal with the thousands of guests each week with patience, empathy and skill of the craft.

 I believe we have more work to do.  We have more skills to gain, new technologies to master.  As Treasurers, we need to diversify.  We need to be part of the Marketing solution. We need to be partners with our Producers.   As a possible solution, I am working with leadership to launch a mentorship program that will ensure our relevance by providing us, and our newest members with education.   I would like to see ongoing training in computer skills, writing skills, and mentoring in the art of guiding and leading a successful production.

It is an important year. 2020 brings an election year which can also have an impact on our Union and many others across America.  We must remain strong, united and relevant.  We provide a human element in an industry that has become increasingly mobile. We must stay vigilant.

I am asking for your vote again – as we have more work to do, and I want to be part of that.


Fraternally yours,

Chris Stasiuk

Chris Stasiuk


To My Fellow Brothers and Sisters of Local 751


My Name is John Toguville and I am running for Re-Election for the Executive Council. 


I have been at NY City Center for Performing Arts for the Past 27 years, the last 10 as Head Treasurer, which has allowed me to participate in numerous contract negotiations.

We are one of the first contracts to include the Jurisdiction of the Building, Pricing of all events including NYCC Studios and Education Studios at NY City Center in our contract


I have been a member of the Council for the past 9 years, I believe the Knowledge and Experience that I have gained over the years has helped and will continue to assist the Council in Achieving Future goals of our Members.


Our Industry has changed and is changing every day… We must protect our Spot in it and grow with it. As the years go

On, we have to prove our worth to Management and Theater Owners more and more. We must show them that we are more than just Ticket Sellers, we can show them that we can  also be programmers by doing the Building, Proofing and Pricing of Events thus making ourselves even more Valuable. We have to show them that we have always been a very important Part of this Industry and will continue to be and that we are willing and able to adjust to new ways of doing our jobs,


Once you have received your ballet, Please consider voting for me for Executive Council.





                                                          John Toguville

John Toguville

Dear Friends and Fellow Union Members,


I am seeking re-election to the Executive Council, a position which I take very seriously and to which I will continue to bring full commitment. The past three years has been an interesting, enlightening and rewarding experience.  I hope that you will give me the opportunity of representing the arena/concert/sports facet of our union for another term.


Our industry is changing so rapidly, in terms of technology, that it is a constant battle to prove the need for treasurers and ticket sellers in the mobile ticketing market.  I want to use my spot on the Council to help the union stay aware of these changes and practices and be part of the conversation as our job functions evolve.


The experience I bring is of working in the event ticketing industry for the past twenty-nine years.  Currently Box Office Supervisor and shop steward at Madison Square Garden, where I have worked since 2005, I have participated in two contract negotiations - one simple and one very complex where we completed steps towards contract equality across three very different venues, yet still moving benefits and compensation forward for all three. Box Office Manager/Assistant Box Office Manager at Nassau Coliseum from 1991-2005 and the Jones Beach box office for many summers rounds out the rest of my resume'.


I hope this will help you decide to cast your vote for me.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to continuing my work on the Council.


Fraternally yours,


Rich Walker

Box Office Supervisor

Madison Square Garden

Rich Walker

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