2021 Candidates for Local 751 Executive Council

Dear Sisters & Brothers:


My name is Liz Edell and I am running for Executive Council. I have been a proud union member since 2003, starting my apprenticeship at TKTS. For 11 years I was at The Palace Theatre until its closing in 2018. Currently I'm at The Metropolitan Opera House where I've been employed for the past two years.


I am not a Treasurer or First Assistant. There is too little representation of that voice currently on the council. I am a rank and file worker who has worked my way up, on my own merits, who wants to solidify our future and remind management of our relevance and importance to this business and make them remember that the other part of our title is TREASURER. We are an essential, skilled, invaluable necessity.

In today’s trying times, with the pandemic, unemployment, divisive political climate and BLATANT anti-union rhetoric, I feel the need to be a member of the council, now more than ever, because I love this union and career, and care deeply about the longevity of its existence. It is imperative we remain vigilant now to ensure a stronger union for all of our futures.

Please elect me to the Local 751 Executive Council.

With Empathy and In Solidarity,

Liz Edell

Liz Edell


Brothers and Sisters,


               This has been a tough year. We were the first out of work and we will be the last back, but I do believe the worst is behind us. The Broadway comeback is not going to be as easy as turning on a switch. It is going to be slow and steady, and you know theatre owners and employers are going to try and use this position as leverage(they already are). You need a strong, experienced council now more than ever. Allow me to continue in serving this family of ours by once again giving me your vote for Executive Council.

               Generations of my family have served and are still serving and working in Local 751. Box Offices have been a part of my life since I was a child. I love this career, the people, and the protections our Local 751 provides for us. I am proud of our fellow brothers and sisters being able to put a roof over their head, food on the table, children through college, and to retire in comfort.

               We are an absolute necessity of this ever-changing business and this coming year will certainly see a lot of changes. We need a voice that will never allow us to lose our power, our rights, or our jurisdiction. Please allow me to continue to serve on this council and be that voice.


In Solidarity,

Michael Kane Jr.


Mike Kane Jr.

Stan Shaffer

Michael Loiacono 2021.jpeg


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Local 751 –


As we begin 2021, we are faced with new tasks and challenges that we have never seen before. The state of the pandemic has drastically altered the ticket business and has also greatly impacted the lives of each and every member. While all of us are eagerly awaiting the vaccine and eased restrictions, I strongly believe that our Broadway and NYC community will return and will undoubtedly get through this together …. as a family of Brothers and Sisters. I eagerly look forward to the day when we are all together selling tickets and this pandemic will be a memory.


Over the past 18 years that I have been honored to be a member of the Executive Council, I have been involved in many contract negotiations, committees, and so much more. I promised to help preserve our jurisdiction and keep the wages and standards that we all have come to have and appreciate. If I am so blessed to be reelected, I will continue to keep this oath I made many years ago. I will stay in the ring and fight for every opportunity to negotiate and raise the standard of jobs and benefits … so that our children may also have the ability to serve the public and sell each and every person a ticket. That is my goal, and that is my promise.


Please stay healthy … and stay focused on our return to the profession that we all love. Amen.




Michael Loiacono

Michael Loiacono

Richie Loiacono 2021.jpg

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,


My name is Richie Loiacono, and I am running for Executive Council. I have had the pleasure of greeting many of you at Union meetings while serving as Sergeant-at-Arms at the request of President Paone.


I started my Box Office career 15 years ago selling tickets for the Circus at MSG, newspaper and milk crate coupons and all. My journey includes working at major venues such as Geffen Hall and BAM before moving to Broadway, where I have worked at both the Lyric and Nederlander theaters. Currently, I am the First Assistant at the Minskoff Theatre. This position has given me several opportunities to keep Local 751 actively involved in important areas of our business. For example, I was part of the Nederlander team that developed the Nliven group sales system.


I come from a strong Union family. My father, Charles, was one of the seven founders of the United Federation of Teachers, and many of my other family members have served Local 751 for decades. I would like to become a proud member of this tradition especially given the fallout that our industry is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


I’m asking you for your support and your vote so that I can assist our Local’s Officers, Lawrence, Fred, and Nancy, as well as the IATSE leadership, as they guide us through these difficult times.


In Solidarity,

Richie Loiacono

Richie Loiacono

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


            My name is Krystin MacRitchie and I’m the Treasurer of Studio 54. I’ve served on the Local 751 Executive Council for the past 4 years and would be honored and proud to continue doing so. 


            In 2019, President Paone appointed me Local 751’s Political Coordinator and I am the Co-Chair of Local 751’s Labor Day Parade Committee. I was also on the bargaining committee in last year’s negotiations with Roundabout Theatre Company.


As a 20-year employee of Roundabout, working as a non-union and then union box office employee, I have experienced first-hand the positive changes achieved when working under a Local 751 CBA. I hope through my experience I can continue to be an advocate for the non-profit theatres, as well as assisting in other negotiations and the organizing of new venues. 


We are currently experiencing the most challenging time in our industry’s history. Although much is out of our control, the Executive Council continues to discuss how we can help our members, how we can protect our livelihoods and jurisdiction and how we can eventually safely return to work. This time is bringing about changes in our business and I hope you will allow me to continue to work for what is best for our members. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with you again, buying tickets from you, bringing you your Labor Day t-shirt and sitting with you at Sardi’s.


Fraternally yours,



Krystin MacRitchie

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I hope you and your families are healthy and safe. I truly have been honored to serve on the Local 751 Executive Council, and I ask for your vote so that I may continue to serve. It is a privilege that I take very seriously, especially as our Union navigates through these unprecedented and challenging times.


I have been a Local 751 member since 1996 and have accumulated nearly three decades of Box Office experience. Currently, I am the Treasurer of the August Wilson Theater and have worked at MSG, The Koch Theater, TKTS, The Nederlander Theater, and The Hirschfeld Theater. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to use my experience to represent you as we advance our economic well-being and protect our jurisdiction.


This has been such a unique and trying period for our Union. However, we have a rich history of solidarity when faced with adversity, including our ability to rise to the occasion during times of technological change. I’m confident that, with the Officers and my fellow Executive Council members, we will fight tooth and nail to protect the integrity of our contracts and safeguard our Pension, Annuity, and Health funds.

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration. The old adage is true that there is safety in numbers. It’s going to take the participation of every member working together to ensure that we come back stronger than ever. We will thrive again!


William Chris Montague (Monty)

William (Monty) Montague

Rick Waxman 2021.jpg

Dear Local 751 Family,

My name is Rick Waxman and I am running for reelection to the Local 751 Council. I am a long-time member of our Union and I have been fortunate to represent the Membership as a Council Member the last 6 years.

We are all well aware that our industry will be facing unique challenges in the near future. I won’t waste time on the obvious. I am asking for your vote so that I am able to continue to work with Lawrence, Nancy and Fred to help Local 751 remain a vital part of the New York Theatre, Sports, Opera, and Entertainment landscape.

I assure you that I have not forgotten that it is a privilege to serve on the Council. The key word is serve. I always have, and always will put the best interests of Local 751 at the forefront of every issue that presents itself before the Council and the membership. I am sure that every member and apprentice is itching to get back to work to show our bosses and the world what we can do and that we are a vital part of their businesses. I am well versed in the issues we face and will continue to remain current. I look forward to representing you for another term.

Please stay safe and healthy in these trying times.

In Solidarity,

Rick Waxman

Rick Waxman