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Dear Sisters & Brothers:


I would like to thank the Executive Council for unanimously voting for me as interim council member.

I became a member of our Union in 2003 starting my apprenticeship at TKTS. For the past 11 years I was at The Palace Theatre until it’s closing. During that time I also worked shorter stints at Radio City Music Hall, The Metropolitan Opera House and the Richard Rogers among others.


In today’s political climate with anti union rhetoric, I feel the need to be a member of the council because I love this union and career, and care deeply about the longevity of its existence.


My tenacity, candor and impartiality would be an asset to our brother/sisterhood and to the protection of its legacy. Please vote for me as an Executive Council Member.





Liz Edell

Liz Edell


Hello fellow Local 751 Sisters and Brothers,


I am honored to be a candidate for our executive council.

I proudly work at the Music Box Theatre and have been a member of our union since 2014. The box office world is an important part of my life and through Local 751, I want to strive to ensure that this world is stronger, more progressive and is a place that all of us can depend upon. I want to represent members and help guide us through ever changing technology, bring a fresh perspective to the table and, make sure employers know what we have to offer. 


I humbly ask for your vote and I look forward to serving you.


Thank you.

Julie Lui

Julie Luie

Stan Shaffer



Dear Sisters & Brothers:


Your vote means everything for OUR Union.  Casting your ballot casts a net into OUR future, while in the Box Office and well after retirement.


My Local 751 career began at Madison Square Garden in 2000.  After working seasonally at Radio City Music Hall, TKTS (and for The NY Mets) I landed my first permanent spot at The Music Box Theater.


After a hiatus from NYC, I was lucky enough to come back and work full time at The Walter Kerr Theater with Harry Jaffie - this is where and when everything started to click.  I truly learned what OUR Union means and developed a new appreciation for it.  Consequently, having worked at each Jujamcyn Theater, currently The August Wilson, I continue learning exactly how important the strength of OUR Union remains. 


Each of us has a voice in securing OUR future. Please elect me to utilize that voice as a member of the Local 751 Council to KEEP OUR UNION STRONG.


Forever In Solidarity!


Vicki Radolinski

Vicki Radolinski


Fellow Members,


I have been working as a member of Local 751 since 2004 in the capacity of Assistant, First Assistant and Acting Head Treasurer.  I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with most of the theater owners and many producers over the years.  It has been an interesting journey to learn the nuances working at all  the varied venues.  We have much and more to do.


We can all agree that the nature of our business is at a pace of change like never before.  Given the advancement of technologies is aggressive we must remain a forward progressive asset to theatre owners and producers and of course our Union.  


I believe we can continue to have a solid, productive and increased presence in our venues and productions going forward by being creative and innovative.  


That being said, I invite you to attend our February membership meeting and humbly ask for your vote to fill the recently vacated seat on the Executive Council.


Yours Fraternally,


Robert Ricchiuti

Robert Ricchiuti


       My name is Corinne Russ (Dorso) and I am running for executive council.  This is my 16th year as a box office employee, 10 of those years has been as a first assistant.  All 16 years have been spent at the Richard Rodgers theatre.  I'm running for executive council because I am a true believer in this business, in this union, in this camaraderie. We have all stayed true to our roots, yet welcomed new ideas and embraced them. We have done a great job of moving forward with technology yet remaining "old school". We have respected the rules that have been set before us yet challenged those that could make us even better. 


       We do all this because we have people that have our backs. I want to be one of those people that have your back. Because I do. I have Bill Dorso's back, my father, who has been a proud Union member for over 25 years. And I have Fred Santore's back, my treasurer, who has continued to be a council member, officer, and strong voice for the union for almost as long as I am alive.


       I want to be a voice for those before me and those who will come after. Please come vote for me at the next meeting on February 28th.  Thank you. 


In solidarity,

Corinne Russ (Dorso)

Corinne Russ (Dorso)

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

 I am Chris Stasiuk – and I am currently the Treasurer at the St. James.  My resume is diverse – but entirely Ticketing related.  Concert Promoter, RCMH, Broadway, TKTS, RedBulls and even a Dinosaur Park are included.  All shaped me, inspired me and gave me the experience needed to run the St. James.

 I have over 30 years of ticketing experience – both with Local 751, and without.  I know how lucky we are to have the protection of our Union for our wages, benefits and scope of work - because I have worked without that protection.  We shouldn’t take it for granted.

These are difficult times for unions across the nation.  It is imperative that we maintain strong leadership and a cohesive, knowledgeable membership.  We cannot lose sight of who and what we are.  All of us need to educate ourselves in all things ticketing, entertainment and technology.  We must make ourselves necessary and relevant.  As technology races forward, the human aspect of industries is pushed aside.  We need to embrace the change and race with it, parallel, and be part of the solution.

While we do need to partner with Management, it is imperative that we are not taken advantage of,  and ensure that we are respected and our future is protected.  I would like to be part of this solution – and am honored to have that privilege on the Executive Council.


I am asking for your vote – and want to ensure we move forward together. 




Chris Stasiuk

Chris Stasiuk